silentSHOUT Short Film Festival 2011

Date:    7 December 2011 (Saturday)
Time:   2pm
Venue: Auditorium Mini P. Ramlee, FINAS (National Film Development Corporation Malaysia)

Sin Chew Daily

 ” Deaf and Hearing communities entered  Auditorium Mini P. Ramlee, FINAS, together watched the short films made by the Malaysian Deaf people, and voted for the Audience Choice Award.

The screened short films were “Bisikan Tangan”, “Deaf Capoeira”, “Lip Read”, “Pelita Hati” and “The Park”.

The short film festival was held by silentSHOUT for its first time, to screen the short films made by the Malaysian Deaf. The festival was well supported by FINAS.

silentSHOUT Short Film Festival provides a chance and platform for the Deaf to become directors, casts and crews, to showcase their work. silentSHOUT hopes that through the festival, the public will know and understand the deaf community better, and hopes that these kind of activities are able to foster positive relationships between deaf and hearing communities, and bridge the gaps.

Sign language interpreters were provided by the organiser so that the deaf and hearing audience understand throughout the festival.

Besides that, there was a short film forum during the silentSHOUT Short Film Festival. ” – Sin Chew Daily. 

Additional Information

The entries submitted by the deaf filmmakers were all different genres. The deaf directors have used unique ideas to demonstrate their talent and creativity, and also proved the ability of the Deaf in directing and acting. The films bring out the deaf lifestyle and culture.
FINAS has supported Deaf Short Film Festival in the beginning, and  helped Short Film Festival 2011 for the success. FINAS has provided the screening location, technicians and the short films award prizes. 

The invited guests for the short film forum were Chen Yih Wen (winner of BMW Shorties 2010),   Margaret Bong (“eyefinger” film director), and Josephine Koo (deaf actress in the film “eyefinger”). The short film “eyefinger” was funded by FINAS (Dana Pembangunan Seni Filem & Multimedia FINAS). The forum was moderated by Kareem Koh, a filmmaker and who is also the silentSHOUT short film making workshop instructor. During the forum, Chen Yih Wen has shown her short film “Memoria”, Margaret Bong has showed “eyefinger”, and both of them shared their shooting experience. Josephine Koo shared her experience working with the hearing film director (Margaret Bong). Three of them answered the questions from the audience.

Chen Yih Wen, Josephine Koo, Margaret Bong & Kareeh Koh

Winners of  silentSHOUT Short Film Competition 2011:
Best Short Film
Bisikan Tangan / Whispering Hands – Dir. Nethaneal Siegfred Enson

Best Story
LipRead – Dir. Anne Laura Raymond

Best Cinematography
Pelita Hati / Enlightened Heart – Dir. Farid Mahmud

Best Effort
Deaf Capoeira – Dir. Akira Chua & Yong Siew Ling

Audience Choice Award
Bisikan Tangan  / Whispering Hands – Dir. Nethaneal Siegfred Enson

These 5 films “Bisikan Tangan”, “Lip Read”, “Pelita Hati”, “Deaf Capoeira”, and “The Park”, have been accepted and will be screened at the 2nd Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival, in February 24-26 2012 with other international short films. For more information, please read:  HKIDFF – Malaysian Deaf Short Films

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