About Us

silentSHOUT,  a social enterprise founded in June 2011, bring together Deaf and Hearing community into one society through soft skill building and activities.

silentSHOUT aim to empower the Deaf community in Malaysia by providing platform for them to learn skills,  showcase talents, and voice out their thoughts to the public. silentSHOUT want to raise public awareness and bridge the gap between Deaf and Hearing community for enhanced interaction and integration.


The three co-founders got to know each other when they learned Malaysian Sign Language or worked with Deaf community. They have volunteered in Deaf events and activities for years.  We are blessed along our great journey to have talented filmmakers, teachers, interpreters, artists, performers and volunteers joining us and share their talent, knowledge and passion to make our mission achievable.


  • Hi, im an international student from Taylor’s University, i would like to apply for an internship placement in your company, please let me low if its possible so i can send you my resume, thank you!

    Sitiwe Ezekiel DembeNovember 11, 2013
    • Hi, we must apologize for overseeing you here. Do email us at hello@silentshout.my

      Thank you

      silentshNovember 28, 2014

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